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You deserve an open and honest approach to finding the right candidate for your organization.  You'll benefit from our proprietary high-tech software, a national network with hundreds of offices around the country, and attentive service customized to your recruiting needs.

Our goal: To develop long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships, based on quality, integrity, and confidentiality.

We bring together quality employers and qualified professionals
Creating a WIN-WIN relationship for you


We begin our process by analyzing your needs, preferences, and opportunities

For each position, we perform a detailed analysis to completely understand your employee needs.

  • 011 Profiles
    Job Description
  • 019 Company
    Work Environment
  • 018 Application
    Personality Type


Next, we do extensive research

We only present candidates who meet the criteria established during the initial analysis.

  • 026 Curriculum
    Well Qualified
  • 003 Analysis
    Highly Successful
  • 021 Career
    Incredible Potential


Finally, we personally screen to verify

We make sure there is a match between your needs verses the candidate's profile.

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    Person to Person Meeting
  • 012 Hired
    Present Multiple Qualified Candidates
  • 009 Conversation 1
    After Hire Follow-Up

Next Steps

A member of the eLink Recruiting Solutions, Inc. team will answer your questions, discuss your needs and provide a Fee Agreement for you to sign and return.

We then schedule a time to obtain the necessary information, including a job description and your ideal candidate's qualifications and characteristics. Your search will begin immediately thereafter.

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